AliExpress Guide

I am an avid AliExpress shopper and have quite some experience. I have noticed a lot of people are a little wary about it and are scared that items will not arrive safely. So I will write a little bit about signing up and ordering. Tomorrow I will show you some of my favourite purchases from AliExpress so come back tomorrow if you want to see those. I get a lot of questions about AliExpress and my purchases from there so I hope this will help!

  1. Sign up for an account. Fill in your address and you’re ready to go!
  2. Time to start searching! Just fill in search terms you’re interested in. This could be washi tape, stickers, pens, pouches, bags, paperclips, notebooks, clothing, whatever you want. You can sort on low to high pricing, best match, newest or amount of orders. If you check the box next to ‘free shipping’ it will only find items which you do not have to pay shipping for. You can also add a minimum and maximum price and choose the number of stars you want to item to have (1 is worst and 5 is best).
  3. Things you have to look out for are the feedback of the item you are looking at and the feedback of the seller of the item. I have added two screenshots of where you can find that. Also read the description of the item you are interested in very well! There is always a translate button to translate it to your own language but that does come with a lot of mistakes as Google Translate isn’t perfect.
    This shows you the feedback on the particular item.

    This shows the feedback of the seller, I only buy from sellers with 95% positive feedback or more. Also, look at that amazing circle I drew.
  4. I can only say this about Dutch buyers, but if I order from one seller I have to stay under 22 euros to avoid having to pay taxes. Try and find the rules for your country before you buy otherwise you can get fined with quite a lot of extra costs. This is excluding possible shipping costs.
  5. People are often scared that items will not arrive and that they will have lost their money. I have placed an enormous amount of orders and I have never had any issues. If the items have not arrived after 2-3 months I simply ask to get my money back. Sellers do not want negative feedback so are very helpful. AliExpress is also very hard on sellers, if they get a lot of complaints about certain sellers they will ban them from their website. If an item arrives broken or if it is different than described, you will also get a refund or get send a new item. So do not worry, you are very well protected. If you can’t solve your issue with the seller, you can contact AliExpress to mediate.
  6. AliExpress is your source for very cheap items. But prices vary between sellers. There is no harm in doing a little investigation between sellers. It can sometimes very several euros/pounds/dollars. If you use the mobile app you can even search for photos. I screenshot the item I am interested in and then search for that on the photo search function and then sort by lowest price first. This can save you a lot of money. A lot of items are also cheaper in the mobile add compared to on the website.
  7. You can add stuff to your cart and pay all sellers in one go, this saves a lot of hassle and time.

Have fun shopping, and come back tomorrow for my first blogpost with my favourite AliExpress purchases!