Favourite AliExpress purchases #2

Favourite AliExpress purchases #2

If you need some advice on how AliExpress works, go here for my guide filled with tips and tricks. If you already know how to use the website, keep reading. I am sharing five of my favourite purchases and will try doing this every month.This month it’s all stationery related but it won’t be like that every month, although I do love my stationery. There are so many amazing things to find on there! I have listed the prices as they are today, prices change daily so they might be different when you check.
If you want to check my previous post about favourite AliExpress purchases click here.

Fountain Pen Case

Price:  € 3.53 // $4.14 // £ 3.19
Shipping:   free

I bought this case to store my fountain pens, I tend to have a lot of fountain pens inked up as I have a lot of different colours of ink and I can never choose so I ink up loads of pens. It comes in really handy, it keeps all your pens save and it’s quite compact for a case that holds 12 chunky fountain pens.

PVC sticky pocket

Price:  € 2.72 // $3.20 // £ 2.46
Shipping:   free
Seller: Alice’s Sweet Castle

You get 3 sticky pockets but I gave two away so I can only show you one. There are 2 of the ones shown above, the second one is mirrored and the last one is a cardholder. You take them off the transparent paper and just stick them wherever you want. I put one in a travelers notebook which came without pockets. This way I can still take some stickers with me.  The quality is really good and they come in super handy.

Wide vintage washi

Price:  € 3.53 // $4.14 // £ 3.19
Shipping:   free
Seller: Lifestyle fun Store

These washi tapes are enormous! These are the biggest tapes I own, you can see the size in the background, each square is 1 centimetre. They are stunning and definitely stand out in my collection. You can choose from a few more designs so go check them out if you are in the need of some wide vintage looking washi tape.

Long Arm Stapler

Price:  € 10.28 // $12.09 // £ 9.32
Shipping: € 1.69 // $1,99// £ 1.53
Seller: Autumn520 stationery Store

This comes in so handy when making inserts for a traveler’s notebook. I love this stapler and use it all the time. Nothing else to say about a stapler, it’s just a good deal and great product!

Colorful winter girl stickers

Price:  € 2,22 // $ 2.61 // £ 1.95
Shipping:   free
Seller: Candy DIY Store

I am in love with these stickers, there are 40 different designs in each package and they are perfect for autumn and winter. I love the colours, style and quality. They are great to use in your journal or planner but the quality is good enough to even put it on a notebook, laptop, phonecase etc.

Favourite AliExpress purchases #1

If you need some advice on how AliExpress works, go here for my guide filled with tips and tricks. If you already know how to use the website, keep reading. I am sharing five of my favourite purchases and will start doing this every month.This month it’s all stationery but it won’t be like that every month, allthough I do love my stationery. There are so many amazing things to find on there! I have listed the prices as they are today, prices change daily so they might be different when you check.

  1. A6 Dotted Notebook

    Price:  € 3.35 // $ 3.76 // £ 2.91
    Shipping:   € 2.42 // $ 2.72 // £ 2.10
    KiMagic Store

    I have the dotted version, I love that the dots are quite light

    Whenever I post a photo of this notebook on Instagram I get several comments and private messages asking me where I got my notebook and whenever I tell them it’s from AliExpress they’re shocked and want the link. This notebook is my favourite notebook ever, there… I said it. I love the paper, the colour of the dots, the binding and most of all; the price. I use two of these on a daily basis, I plan in one and I use one as a journal. At first, I was a little disappointed because I thought all my pens were bleeding through the pages. But now that I have started using it I have realised that is not the case. It is not the best paper to use stamps on because most of my inks bleed through (I have tried a lot of brands) and when you use watercolours the paper wrinkles a little but I can use fountain pens without any issues. There is some ghosting when you use dark colours but it doesn’t bother me one bit. It comes dotted, lined, with grid pages and a version which has all of those pages in it.

    My pen, stamp ink, and watercolours test page


    This is the backside of those test pages


  2. Unicorn Stickers

    Price:  € 2.30 // $ 2.61 // £2.02
    Shipping: free
    Seller: Candy DIY Store

    These are a very recent purchase but as soon as I opened the package it was love at first sight. These unicorns are amazing. You get 40 different stickers and the quality is really well, they seem very sturdy so they will even last on the outside of notebooks or even on your laptop. They are small but not tiny, I would say the average height is 3 cm (1.2 inches). The seller also sells some amazing other sticker designs that are very unique. Not the cheapest stickers you can find on AliExpress but I do really love them.

  3. Fountain Pen

    Price:  €  1.39 // $ 1.59 // £ 1.23
    Shipping: free
    Seller: Jinhao Flagship Store

    I have fallen in love with fountain pens in June. I have had a fountain pen which I used to journal with but I was more of a ballpoint pen lover. But nowadays I only use fountain pens. The one I had was a Waterman pen I was gifted by my boyfriend’s father, it is luxurious and lovely. I use black ink in that pen as my standard pen. But now I have discovered Jinhao fountain pens on AliExpress and I am obsessed. I really did not think a pen this cheap would work well, but I am in love with every single one of my pens. I use Diamine ink in mine, which is not an AliExpress purchase. So I can’t tell you how they work with other types of ink. They sell several nib sizes so keep an eye out of for that. You could always order a few different pens with different nib sizes to try the sizes out. I now own 5 Jinhao pens and they are all inked up with different colours so I can switch easily.

  4. Pocket Scissors

    Price:  € 1.27 // $ 1.45 // £ 1.12
    Shipping: free
    Seller: Mohamm Store

    These scissors are such a clever solution for taking on the go. No more stab wounds from reaching in your pen pouch on the hunt for a particular pen and coming across your sharp scissors.These scissors come in a little container and when they are in their container they are tiny! Once opened up they are easy to use and I am very happy to have these in my pen pouch.

  5. Forest Concert Alice Decorative Stickers

    Price:  € 0.76 // $ 0.87 // £ 0.67 
    Shipping: free
    Seller: House of Novelty

    I have chosen the Forest Concert Alice design but I am basically in love with all stickers that come in these little boxes. You get a lot of stickers in one tiny little box and they are adorable! I own a few designs (cacti, flowers, circles with blue graphic prints on them etc.) but these are my favourites. Who doesn’t love an animal in clothing?! The only downside is that I find them annoying to store. And when you are looking for 1 design in particular you can spend a lot of time browsing through them all. But the quality is great and I love the designs so to me it is worth it!

Come back next month for some more great AliExpress purchases! What is your best AliExpress purchase ever, or do you have anything you think I would love?


AliExpress Guide

I am an avid AliExpress shopper and have quite some experience. I have noticed a lot of people are a little wary about it and are scared that items will not arrive safely. So I will write a little bit about signing up and ordering. Tomorrow I will show you some of my favourite purchases from AliExpress so come back tomorrow if you want to see those. I get a lot of questions about AliExpress and my purchases from there so I hope this will help!

  1. Sign up for an account. Fill in your address and you’re ready to go!
  2. Time to start searching! Just fill in search terms you’re interested in. This could be washi tape, stickers, pens, pouches, bags, paperclips, notebooks, clothing, whatever you want. You can sort on low to high pricing, best match, newest or amount of orders. If you check the box next to ‘free shipping’ it will only find items which you do not have to pay shipping for. You can also add a minimum and maximum price and choose the number of stars you want to item to have (1 is worst and 5 is best).
  3. Things you have to look out for are the feedback of the item you are looking at and the feedback of the seller of the item. I have added two screenshots of where you can find that. Also read the description of the item you are interested in very well! There is always a translate button to translate it to your own language but that does come with a lot of mistakes as Google Translate isn’t perfect.
    This shows you the feedback on the particular item.

    This shows the feedback of the seller, I only buy from sellers with 95% positive feedback or more. Also, look at that amazing circle I drew.
  4. I can only say this about Dutch buyers, but if I order from one seller I have to stay under 22 euros to avoid having to pay taxes. Try and find the rules for your country before you buy otherwise you can get fined with quite a lot of extra costs. This is excluding possible shipping costs.
  5. People are often scared that items will not arrive and that they will have lost their money. I have placed an enormous amount of orders and I have never had any issues. If the items have not arrived after 2-3 months I simply ask to get my money back. Sellers do not want negative feedback so are very helpful. AliExpress is also very hard on sellers, if they get a lot of complaints about certain sellers they will ban them from their website. If an item arrives broken or if it is different than described, you will also get a refund or get send a new item. So do not worry, you are very well protected. If you can’t solve your issue with the seller, you can contact AliExpress to mediate.
  6. AliExpress is your source for very cheap items. But prices vary between sellers. There is no harm in doing a little investigation between sellers. It can sometimes very several euros/pounds/dollars. If you use the mobile app you can even search for photos. I screenshot the item I am interested in and then search for that on the photo search function and then sort by lowest price first. This can save you a lot of money. A lot of items are also cheaper in the mobile add compared to on the website.
  7. You can add stuff to your cart and pay all sellers in one go, this saves a lot of hassle and time.

Have fun shopping, and come back tomorrow for my first blogpost with my favourite AliExpress purchases!