Passport Travelers Notebook printables

passport wo2p printableYou might not have noticed yet, but I offer a lot of free printables on this blog. If you use a travelers notebook you should go here and if you use a ringbound planner (Filofax, Kikki K, etc.) you should go here. I am always open for suggestions on sizes and inserts. This morning someone asked me about Passport sized inserts and I realised I had made a bunch last week but never added them to my printable collection. So I am adding them right now and thought I would let you know. So the inserts listed down below are all passport sized, if you are looking for another size, go here.

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  1. Hi!I just left a comment on your instagram and I am also your new follower, thank you so much for all these generosity! I am a college student and a newbie with TNs I have now micro, pocket, A6 and Fieldnotes sizes but doesn’t have the budget to always buy me some inserts, plus I own a printer so I thought why not print them for myself? I googled free printables and saw your blog. TOO AWESOME!!! Thank you so much!! may I request for you to make a pocket or A6 sized vertical week on two layout? while I’m still figuring out how to print them back to back on my printer 🙂 thank you again!! so appreciate it! xoxo

  2. Hi emma! I just want to ask how to put margins on your printables? I am having a hard time cutting them on its right size, hope you can help me. Thank you so much! You’re an Angel!

    1. It all depends on what size you print on etc. So hard for me to answer this question…

      1. I print for my pocket and personal planner, I just can’t cut it straight I’ve had that problem since I was a kid. I hope I can request to put a border on your printables as a guide for cutting? please? thank you, love!

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