Zebra Mildliners and Sarasa Pens

My current favourite pens and highlighters are both from a brand called Zebra. I have been really enjoying them recently so I wanted to share them with you. The brand Zebra sells a lot of different pens but I am limiting this post to the Zebra Mildliners and Sarasa Clip 0.5

Zebra of Japan was originally established in 1897. Its founder Tokumatsu Ishikawa decided to use zebra print as its trademark in the hope that business’ employees and customers herd together like a big zebra family.
Zebra’s corporate philosophy is, “Revisit the past to reveal new knowledge (温故知新).” The company strives to develop writing instruments that are in step with the progress of culture.

I have been using fountain pens as my main pens the last couple of months but when I discovered the Zebra Sarasa Clip pens I stopped using fountain pens in my Hobonichi Techo Planner. I am still using fountain pens in my journal but the Zebra Sarasa Clip is now my go-to pen in my planner. The ink flow is amazing, the ghosting on tomoe river paper isn’t too bad (all pens ghost on this paper), the nib is really nice, it kind of feels like a ballpoint pen but with the benefits of a gel pen and it writes really fine. The range I use is the vintage one, the colours are all very vintage inspired. But it also comes in pastels, brights and standard blue and black. The vintage range looks different as well, with a vintage twist, compared to the standard Sarasa Clip pen.

The vintage range has 5 colours


left: ghosting on tomoe river paper
right: the 5 colours the vintage range comes in

The Zebra Mildliners are highlighters with a bold and fine tip. The bold tip is perfect for highlighting and the fine tip can be used to write with. It’s not a really fine tip like the Papermateflair but it’s a nice bonus to have on a highlighter. I use them to underline words and the bold tip is for highlighting words. I love the colours they come in, you can buy them in packs of 5 and there are 3 (0r 4, not sure) packs. I have two and am not planning on buying the other 2 as I feel like these are all the colours I need.

 left: ghosting on tomoe river paper
right: the 10 colours I own.

What are your favourite pens and highlighters?


Stationery Event @ Buiten de Lijntjes

Yesterday afternoon I went to visit a Stationery Event at a store called Buiten de Lijntjes which is located in Wolvega (The Netherlands). The store sells lots of stationery and interior products from lots of brands you do not find in a lot of other stores. The store is about 50 minutes away from me by car and I had never visited the store before but I have always been curious. The store is run by two ladies called Hennie and Jacqueline and was founded in 2011. They have a physical store but also a webshop, so go check it out!

I went there with two good friends of mine and when we approached the store we saw a group of people outside, the store was packed! It was the first time they organised this so it must have been amazing for the owners to see it be such a success. Outside of the store was a table with smoothies and all sorts of snacks. There were several bowls filled with snacks throughout the store as well. They took great care of their visitors. At the back of the store was a big table where you could try out pens, washi tape, stickers and make bookmarks and charms for your planner. As it was so busy there we walked around the store first.


It didn’t take us long to have our hands filled with gorgeous tapes, pens, paperclips and TN inserts. We kept calling each other to come over and check out certain products. There was so much to look at! The store sells products from brands like MT (washi tape), Taroko Design, Kaweco, Midori, Traveler’s Company, Hobonichi and many more.

We finally ended up at the craft table in the back and started taking our Traveler’s Notebooks out and trying out pens, washi tapes, stamps, stickers etc. We also made some cute bookmarks with thread and wooden beads. So much fun to do and a very useful addition to a planner. It was a lot of fun trying to find the right beads for the look you wanted, there were so many colours and shapes. Being able to try out so many products and even make stuff for your planner really made it a fun event for me. Everything was free and I thought it was a really nice bonus.

After about 2 hours in the store, we made our way to the till to pay for our products and enter the raffle. You could write your name and email on the back of your receipt and put it in a jar. In the evening they pulled out 6 receipts and the names on those receipts won a goodie bag with a lot of fun stationery supplies.
I had lots of fun and met some nice people while walking around, it was nice seeing so many different Travelers Notebooks and showing newbies my own planner. I hope they will organize more of these events because I would definitely go.

This was our combined haul from the afternoon.





Diary of a journaling girl #2

It’s been quiet on this blog, I apologize! It wasn’t my intention but life got in the way. For people who visit this blog for the first time, I fell off my bike 60 days ago and was bedbound for over 50 days because of it. In the last 2 weeks I have been out of bed more often and training really hard to get my strength and stamina back and it has consumed most of my energy. I am far from my end goal but it’s been great getting my life back piece by piece. I still need a walker when I go out but I haven’t used my wheelchair in a while!

My boyfriend and I have also worked hard of my craft room and office. He did most of the work but I gave directions and helped declutter and organize. I wanted the room to make more sense as it was all over the place before. Now I have a set place for my computer, a place for my printer/laminator/cutting machine/stapler etc. and a set place for crafting. And all my supplies are in the corner where they belong. So I spend a lot less time going around the room getting all my stuff. I love my crafting corner the most, my bright yellow table and RÅSKOG cart make me so happy. Even though I can not spend a lot of time in the room as I can not sit for long periods of time, every second in the room makes me happy. Would you guys like a craft room/office tour? And would you prefer video form or just photos and text?

Next Wednesday is my boyfriends birthday and he is having a party on Saturday. I am an avid baker and I love baking loads of goodies for our birthday parties. This year I am still baking but I am not going as crazy as I would normally go. I also forced my boyfriend to take next Friday off work to help me bake so I can make sure I will get enough rest and don’t have to bend and/or lift anything. On his birthday itself we are going out to dinner, I hope I can make it! I am just going to spend the rest of the day in bed so I will have enough energy.

This week I am going to work on my daily routine. I want to make a list of all the blog content I want to create and going to spend a little bit of time every day working on it. I also want to start journaling more regularly as I journal about once every 10 days now and I would prefer to journal every other day or so. I can’t wait to feel more myself again after spending such a long time in bed. I will always have a disability but I am generally able to make it work with my hobbies and responsibilities. I am even excited about being able to cook and clean again! I would give money to be able to scrub my own toilet again, and yes I am aware that’s a weird thing to say. But I hate having to rely on other people, I love my independence.

What kind of printable inserts would you like to see on my blog?

I love making printables but I really want to make ones you really love and appreciate. So please leave your vote in the poll I made. Thanks for voting!

What kind of printable inserts would you like to see on my blog?
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Diary of a journaling girl #1

I really want this blog to be a reflection of me, and as a girl with a journal, it only seems fair to me that I use this blog as my online journal. As I am bedbound at the moment I don’t have a lot to talk about but today I felt like it was time for my first online journal entry.

I have been bedbound for 44 days now and things are finally starting to look up for me. Progress is slow, but it is there! The first couple of weeks I only left my bed to go to the toilet and shower, the last couple of weeks I have been walking small laps around the tiny parking lot in front of my house with a walker and taking small trips in my wheelchair. Yesterday I went on a walk with my walker to the local park, I had not left my parking lot with my walker before so I was a little nervous but it went really well! It was still a short walk but to me, it was an amazing trip.

Today I am a lot more tired, my body needs to rest so I am taking things slow today. Getting ready to place an Ikea order for my RÅSKOG cart plus bins which I am very excited about! Yesterday I received my ergonomical chair which hopefully will make sitting a lot easier for me once I am feeling a little better. It is so motivating to be a little more active while the pain does not get worse. Makes me feel like there will be a day when I will feel like my normal old self again. I will always have a chronic pain disorder but being able to  be a part of society again, even if it’s a small part, will make me so happy!

Last weekend I had a girls night in with two friends of mine, they came to my house and made me dinner and we watched a movie afterwards. We made a cheeseburger pie (yes you read that right!) and it was amazing! Imagine a cheeseburger the size of a pie, it tasted even better then expected! It was SO nice to feel normal for one night, even if I spend the night laying down. We laughed until we had tears streaming down our face and talked about girly things. I love having a group of friends who are not bothered by my chronic illness but are willing to help me but also treat me like a human being instead of a patient. It has really helped me stay positive the last 44 days! Gotta love friends!

That’s it for now, hope you liked this style of post!
See you soon xx

A craft room reorganisation 

This might sound silly as I have been stuck in bed for 41 days but I really want to reorganise my craft room. I started my craft collection 3,5 years ago with a tall Alex drawer from Ikea. When we moved 3 years ago I got my own craft room so I got more Alex cabinets, a desk and started accumulating more craft supplies. And even though I consider my room pretty organised, there isn’t really any rhyme or reason for anything. I just found a drawer and put stuff in it. All the items in my room have a set place, but the reason for the particular place is unclear.

So as soon as I get out of this bed and feel well enough I am going to take everything -and I mean everything- out of its drawer/cupboard. I want to destash and only keep the items that I really love and use and then find those items a spot that makes sense. I have a table where I journal and plan, so my planning and journaling supplies should be near that table. My hard drives, chargers, drawing tablet and cables should be near my computer and all sorts of paper should be in the same drawer.

I am ordering the famous Ikea RÅSKOG cart this week (if you have never heard of this, go to your country’s Ikea website and look it up) with some bins and I think it’s really going to help me with my organisation. It has wheels so you can move it around the house, so it will be next to my bed until I get better. After that, it will probably be next to my journaling/planning table filled with all my favourite things.

Until I can actually go reorganise my room I will spend hours on Pinterest trying to find some good organisational tips and tricks and in this Facebook group, my friend Kim recently started about craft space organisation.

Things that make me happy #1

All the happy mail I have been receiving the last couple of weeks from sweet people who want to make me feel better while being bedbound. It makes my day when I receive a sweet card, homemade brownies, a bunch of flowers, sticker sheets or a nice letter.

I got an illustrator to make a custom portrait for my blog and social media and I am in love with it. The actual print will arrive next week and I can’t wait to frame it and put it in my office/craft room. She even added my planner. You can see the image in my header and on my about me page. One of my friends is going to turn it into a sticker, so excited for that!

These little foxes in this blogpost, do I need to say more.
Who doesn’t love a cute fox?!

Watching lots of youtube videos about planners and journals and getting really inspired by them. Do you know of any planner channels I should be subscribed to? There’s always room for more, especially while being bedbound.

Planner stickers from Etsy, especially Fox and Cactus stickers. All my stickers are in little photo books but my Fox and Cactus stickers are in a box of their own as I own so many. I just love adding functional stickers to my pages, I might be slightly addicted.

My hairdresser. I send him a message about being bedbound and needing a trim and asking if he knew any hairdressers who did house visits. And he told me he would come after work next week to come trim them for me while that is not something he normally does. And I think that is so sweet of him!

The colour yellow. I used to hate this colour as a child but it makes me so happy nowadays. I recently painted a table bright yellow and every time I see it I have to smile, it’s such a fun colour! I like how it gives my craft room which is mostly grey and white a pop of colour. I also love writing with yellow ink in my fountain pens.

Skype calls with friends. It’s hard to be social when you are bedbound and in a lot of pain and Skype calls are a good way to be social while still resting and looking after yourself.

How amazing my dogs have been since being bedbound, they are very protective of me and always know when I need a little cuddle. It’s amazing how dogs can feel how you are doing before you even know it. Yesterday I woke up with one dog on my feet and one by my side, which had not happened in a long time. Then I realised how awful I felt, I am having severe withdrawal symptoms from my painkillers and my dogs were there for me all day.

A year ago I received a little Pilea baby (it’s a plant) and it has grown into a beautiful plant which produces lots of Pilea babies. I give most away but some of the weaker ones I keep myself. I love naming them, seeing them grow up and it’s such a cute plant to look at. I have given away about 6 babies so far I think and I love making people happy with their own little baby plant. I have 3 babies in soil right now and 1 in a cup of water to grow roots. I have never been so into plants as I am with my Pilea’s but they are just so adorable!

My Planner History #2

Last week I wrote a blog post with my planner history part one where I talked about my planners from 2013 to 2015 and now I will talk about the last few years. Warning; this is a very picture heavy blog post!


In 2015 I switched sizes and planners a lot, 2016 was the year I did not switch planners/sizes often but I struggled to find the perfect insert. I made all of my own inserts and the downside to that is that you could change every week if you wanted to because you can just design and print some new pages. And that is what I did some months.

In January I switched my Black Malden for an Ochre Malden, I had always wanted that colour so I was really excited for that. I stayed in the Personal size for the entire year.

I started the year in a trifold monthly page, this way you get bigger boxes per day. I also started with a horizontal week on 2 pages.

I tried an insert with Erin Condren sized boxes and hated it so that only lasted one week. I quickly went back to week on 2 pages.

I still think the Ochre Malden Filofax is one of the prettiest planners out there. I started using a daily insert for the days on which I was really busy.

And then I switched to a week on one page with a grid page on the right. And this was my insert for the next 10 months! I love this insert and how functional the grid page is. I hosted a couple planner meetups at my house in 2016. I love having lots of creative people at my house.

I use a lot of stickers in my planner but over 90% of them are functional!

A yearly fold-out I designed, and back to the regular month on 2 pages.

Even though this is a post about my planner history, I had to insert a sneaky picture of my journal. And I bought this black Finchley planner at the end of the year and this was supposed to be my planner for 2017.


I started the year in a standard sized Travelers Notebook as a journal and my Personal Black Finchley Filofax as a planner.

And I used that for the first couple of months, and then I made the switch to a Travelers Notebook for planning and journaling! After a couple of years in rings this was a huge step! I switched in April, and I did not just move from rings to a Travelers Notebook but I also changed sizes. I started planning and journaling in an A6 size.

At first, I used a week on one page plus daily pages in one booklet per month. I bought this amazing A6 from Meadowgate Leather and the leather is amazing!

I realised the week on one page was too small so I switched to a week on two pages layout in May. I also started my A6 sized journal and I am loving the more compact page. It is a lot more portable.

And now we are in July and I made another huge change. I loved my A6 notebook which I used to journal so much, I purchased another one. It has dotted pages and I am drawing monthly and daily pages myself! I have stepped away from weekly pages and just use my months and days. This is my big experiment to see if I want to switch to a Hobonichi in 2018. I would put that in a Travelers Notebook so that I could use some other inserts as well. Even though it has only been twelve days, I am loving it. I have not missed my printed pages yet and I am loving the A6 size compared to a Personal sized planner.