Favourite AliExpress purchases #2

Favourite AliExpress purchases #2

If you need some advice on how AliExpress works, go here for my guide filled with tips and tricks. If you already know how to use the website, keep reading. I am sharing five of my favourite purchases and will try doing this every month.This month it’s all stationery related but it won’t be like that every month, although I do love my stationery. There are so many amazing things to find on there! I have listed the prices as they are today, prices change daily so they might be different when you check.
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Fountain Pen Case

Price:  € 3.53 // $4.14 // £ 3.19
Shipping:   free

I bought this case to store my fountain pens, I tend to have a lot of fountain pens inked up as I have a lot of different colours of ink and I can never choose so I ink up loads of pens. It comes in really handy, it keeps all your pens save and it’s quite compact for a case that holds 12 chunky fountain pens.

PVC sticky pocket

Price:  € 2.72 // $3.20 // £ 2.46
Shipping:   free
Seller: Alice’s Sweet Castle

You get 3 sticky pockets but I gave two away so I can only show you one. There are 2 of the ones shown above, the second one is mirrored and the last one is a cardholder. You take them off the transparent paper and just stick them wherever you want. I put one in a travelers notebook which came without pockets. This way I can still take some stickers with me.  The quality is really good and they come in super handy.

Wide vintage washi

Price:  € 3.53 // $4.14 // £ 3.19
Shipping:   free
Seller: Lifestyle fun Store

These washi tapes are enormous! These are the biggest tapes I own, you can see the size in the background, each square is 1 centimetre. They are stunning and definitely stand out in my collection. You can choose from a few more designs so go check them out if you are in the need of some wide vintage looking washi tape.

Long Arm Stapler

Price:  € 10.28 // $12.09 // £ 9.32
Shipping: € 1.69 // $1,99// £ 1.53
Seller: Autumn520 stationery Store

This comes in so handy when making inserts for a traveler’s notebook. I love this stapler and use it all the time. Nothing else to say about a stapler, it’s just a good deal and great product!

Colorful winter girl stickers

Price:  € 2,22 // $ 2.61 // £ 1.95
Shipping:   free
Seller: Candy DIY Store

I am in love with these stickers, there are 40 different designs in each package and they are perfect for autumn and winter. I love the colours, style and quality. They are great to use in your journal or planner but the quality is good enough to even put it on a notebook, laptop, phonecase etc.

Zebra Mildliners and Sarasa Pens

Zebra Mildliners and Sarasa Pens

My current favourite pens and highlighters are both from a brand called Zebra. I have been really enjoying them recently so I wanted to share them with you. The brand Zebra sells a lot of different pens but I am limiting this post to the Zebra Mildliners and Sarasa Clip 0.5

Zebra of Japan was originally established in 1897. Its founder Tokumatsu Ishikawa decided to use zebra print as its trademark in the hope that business’ employees and customers herd together like a big zebra family.
Zebra’s corporate philosophy is, “Revisit the past to reveal new knowledge (温故知新).” The company strives to develop writing instruments that are in step with the progress of culture.

I have been using fountain pens as my main pens the last couple of months but when I discovered the Zebra Sarasa Clip pens I stopped using fountain pens in my Hobonichi Techo Planner. I am still using fountain pens in my journal but the Zebra Sarasa Clip is now my go-to pen in my planner. The ink flow is amazing, the ghosting on tomoe river paper isn’t too bad (all pens ghost on this paper), the nib is really nice, it kind of feels like a ballpoint pen but with the benefits of a gel pen and it writes really fine. The range I use is the vintage one, the colours are all very vintage inspired. But it also comes in pastels, brights and standard blue and black. The vintage range looks different as well, with a vintage twist, compared to the standard Sarasa Clip pen.

The vintage range has 5 colours


left: ghosting on tomoe river paper
right: the 5 colours the vintage range comes in

The Zebra Mildliners are highlighters with a bold and fine tip. The bold tip is perfect for highlighting and the fine tip can be used to write with. It’s not a really fine tip like the Papermateflair but it’s a nice bonus to have on a highlighter. I use them to underline words and the bold tip is for highlighting words. I love the colours they come in, you can buy them in packs of 5 and there are 3 (0r 4, not sure) packs. I have two and am not planning on buying the other 2 as I feel like these are all the colours I need.

 left: ghosting on tomoe river paper
right: the 10 colours I own.

What are your favourite pens and highlighters?