Blast from the past

Sometimes it is nice to look back instead of to the future. I have made lots of YouTube video’s that you might not know about because you haven’t always been a follower. So today I am sharing five video’s from the past that I think you might like from the past years.

Handbag organisation.

This video is not about organising your actual handbags but about organising the things you can put in your handbag in a separate drawer. Every time you grab a handbag you go to this drawer and put in whatever you need that day.

My walking pharmacy

This is a pouch I keep in my handbag with everything I might ever need, some people call it an emergency bag or just-in-case bag, I call it my walking pharmacy and I love this thing!

Filofax A5 Original Yellow

Back in the day I planned in an A5 Filofax, something I can’t imagine nowadays. The only A5 planner I have is used as a recipe book. But I used to love it and I like looking back at old setup videos.

Filofax Personal Ochre Malden

I recently sold this Ochre Malden, it was my favourite Filofax ever and I have loved this planner so much!

Filofax Personal Black Malden & Fluro Pink Original

When I first moved from an A5 to a Personal sized Filofax I used two planners alongside each other.

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