B6 Travelers Notebook printables

You might not have noticed yet, but I offer a lot of free printables on this blog. If you use a travelers notebook you should go here and if you use a ringbound planner (Filofax, Kikki K, etc.) you should go here. I am always open for suggestions on sizes and inserts. After my blog post with passport sized inserts I got a request for B6 sized inserts, and as I have noticed the B6 size has become more popular I decided to make some. I will add these to my collections page which you can find here.

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      1. A debt repayment insert and monthly bills due. I am trying to track my monthly bills/credit cards etc so I can create some sort of budget.

  1. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but all of the sizes are printing out way too big, the passport, B6, A6, they are all printing out way too big and the same size, it’s the monthly and the month on 2 pages is taking up the full letter size sheet, even the passport one? I’m so confused! Please help!

    1. Have you changed your printer settings from adjust to page to true size/actual size? That is what I normally do

          1. Dang I don’t have that on mine I use the app on my phone for my brother brand printer :/

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