Being stuck in a rut

Being stuck in a rut

I am all about being open and honest on the internet, I think a lot of people feel down when they see everyone’s perfect life on the internet. But I am fairly sure all of these people do not have perfect lives. So I like to share my ups and downs and be brutally honest about what’s going on.

I haven’t been feeling great the last couple of weeks. I do not feel like doing anything for myself and spend most of my days sitting on the couch feeling kinda meh. I have recently started cleaning my house more often, which is something that hasn’t been on my priority list for almost a year. So there are lots of tasks that need to be done. Which does help me feel more productive, I love cleaning my house. But I have ignored all the things that normally make me happy. Haven’t written in my journal since the middle of March, haven’t painted anything in about two months, I hate sitting in my craft room and washi tape makes me annoyed instead of happy.

I think it is because of finishing my time in the rehabilitation centre, last time I did that I had a physical meltdown and I think it’s a mental one this time. I wouldn’t actually call it a mental meltdown because that sounds too dramatic, but I do feel a little down and drained. I just do not enjoy things, not even things that normally excite me.
On one hand, I feel like you should just accept feeling like that. I think that if you ignore it and put it away it just grows on the inside until it bursts. But on the other hand, I feel like at a certain point you need to flip a switch and try to enjoy things again.

This weekend I have no plans whatsoever and I just want to do things that make me happy. I am going to a garden centre to buy a pot for a plant I got yesterday, I just love walking around in garden centres and I recently found a new one I haven’t visited yet. I want to try and spend a couple of hours in my craft room and just spend some time with all my things, trying to create something. If it doesn’t work out, that is fine as well, I will just go do something else. It is all about fun this weekend!

  • Looking after my plants; it is so relaxing to water them, re-pot plants that have grown out of their old pots, clean their leaves etc.
  • Journaling is normally something that calms my mind, makes me feel happy and creative. I feel a bit stressed about not having journaled for so long and having to catch up. So I decided to just start writing today and forget the weeks I have missed. If I feel like writing about it one day I can do it when I feel like it.
  • Reading a book.
  • Going through my planner pages and working on my planner is something I really enjoy. I am in a planner rut at the moment, which I  normally fix by changing my inserts/setup. But this year I am planning in a Hobonichi Techo so I can’t change inserts. So I shall have to figure something out!
  • Taking the dogs for a nice long walk, I walk them a couple of times every day but it’s nice to go to a different spot and enjoy the weather and see them play.
  • Making a nice meal and eating it at a nicely set table with Jasper.


Being a foster parent for dogs

Three years ago we started fostering dogs, we have only fostered three dogs as we took a little break after adopting our own dog Nero. Offcourse I can only talk about my experiences and thoughts, so these are not general guidelines. Your experience fostering dogs will be a lot different, it depends on the breed you are fostering, your household, location, the history of the dog and their personality.

A little backstory about the breed of dog we own and foster and their history as I think that’s important to know as it defines our foster story. The Galgo Español is a Spanish Greyhound and they come from Spain. They are not kept as a pet but as tools to hunt by galgueros (hunters) and are mistreated in ways I do not want to type and think about. When they are not “good enough” anymore they get dumped, killed or brought by shelters. The shelters work with loads of organizations who try to find new homes for them. They are not used to living in a house and being a pet and are sometimes traumatized by all the abuse.

We actually didn’t really decide to be a foster family, it just kind of happened. After adopting our dog Pelo we got approached by the organisation who took care of his adoption and they told us about a dog needing a foster family after a failed adoption. We had met the particular dog called Sandokan before and we loved him so we said yes immediately. He arrived two days later and he only stayed with us for five days as he found his perfect family really soon. It’s been nearly three years and we still keep in touch with the people who adopted him. He had been in the Netherlands for about 7 months so already knew how it was like to stay in a house and with a family. He was not traumatized and just a happy carefree dog.

About a month later our second foster dog Luce arrived, she came straight from the shelter in Spain and had never been in a house before. Most of the time when you get a dog from a shelter you do not know a lot about their personality. The people in Spain do try and assess their personality but dogs behave differently in the shelter compared to a house. When Luce arrived we knew she probably wasn’t traumatized and she passed the cat-test. We were told the dogs are exhausted when they arrive because they travel in a van for a day which is pretty scary for them. Luce jumped out of the van and was a happy girl straight away, she was very overweight which is extremely rare for Galgo’s, especially straight from Spain. When she arrived in the shelter in Spain she was skin and bones but she ate a LOT in the shelter. She was hyper all day and felt right at home. She jumped on the couch, sat right next to my boyfriend and demanded attention all day.

It didn’t take us long to realise Luce had severe separation anxiety. She also loved my boyfriend so much she refused to go on a walk without him. She would just stand on the driveway and look at me with a look that screamed “oh no, I am not going with you. You can forget all about it”. I would have to drag her with me until she would give up and walk with me. But she would look over her shoulder every ten seconds or so to check if my boyfriend was coming to her rescue. So we realised we would have to find someone who spends all day at home, didn’t mind her separation anxiety and preferably single without other pets. Luce just wanted a human being all to herself and had no interest in other dogs or people. We thought this would be impossible but after ten weeks we found her a single woman who had a disability which prevented her from working, was single, would get a pet sitter if she needed groceries and would just take Luce everywhere else. They were a perfect match, they fell in love with each other right away and are really happy together.

Our current foster dog is called George and he was adopted before but the adoption failed. The shelter in Spain categorized him as an easy trauma-free dog who would fit in every house. But when George arrived with his adoptive family they realised he was very traumatized and he hated living in a big city. So they chose to find him a new family where he would fit in better. We live in a very calm neighbourhood and as I am home most of the time I get to work with him all day long. We have had George for 10 days and he has changed a lot since then. We live in a quiet area, I have a set routine and I give him lots of space which has helped him a lot. He is a friendly, cuddly and happy boy who loves to play. He is very scared when we come across other people/dogs during our walk and doesn’t like it when people come over but I am very proud of his progress. He needs some more time until he will be ready for adoption and we love having him to stay.

I love fostering because it helps rescued dogs find their perfect home, as a foster parent you can really see what a dog needs and desires. It gives the shelters in Spain (or any other country for that matter) room to rescue another dog and it is an amazing feeling to see a dog grow and learn things when they can finally be a pet. Whenever I talk to people about fostering they often times say something like “I would love to foster but I could never let go of the dog afterwards” and that is something which happens a lot, it is called ‘Foster Failure’ as people adopt their foster pet often. Whenever we get a foster dog I love it immediately but I do not look at it as my pet. The dog is under my supervision and in my care, I would do anything for him/her but he/she is not mine. I am sad whenever they leave, but I know that I selected a great family for them which will make them very happy, and that really does help.



Blast from the past

Blast from the past

Sometimes it is nice to look back instead of to the future. I have made lots of YouTube video’s that you might not know about because you haven’t always been a follower. So today I am sharing five video’s from the past that I think you might like from the past years.

Handbag organisation.

This video is not about organising your actual handbags but about organising the things you can put in your handbag in a separate drawer. Every time you grab a handbag you go to this drawer and put in whatever you need that day.

My walking pharmacy

This is a pouch I keep in my handbag with everything I might ever need, some people call it an emergency bag or just-in-case bag, I call it my walking pharmacy and I love this thing!

Filofax A5 Original Yellow

Back in the day I planned in an A5 Filofax, something I can’t imagine nowadays. The only A5 planner I have is used as a recipe book. But I used to love it and I like looking back at old setup videos.

Filofax Personal Ochre Malden

I recently sold this Ochre Malden, it was my favourite Filofax ever and I have loved this planner so much!

Filofax Personal Black Malden & Fluro Pink Original

When I first moved from an A5 to a Personal sized Filofax I used two planners alongside each other.

Some goals for the next couple of months

Some goals for the next couple of months

I am not one for big goals at the beginning of the year, but I do like looking back at the previous year and think of a few small things I would like to change. But I always keep it manageable, because I do not feel better when I am looking at goals that seem impossible.  And I do not make yearly goals as you never know what will happen in your life. I didn’t reach some of my 2017 goals simply because my life changed so much. So here are some list for the first 3 months of 2018 in which I will turn 30, which is a big deal if you ask me!

  • Read 5 books. I have started my first and I am loving reading for a bit before going to sleep. It helps quieten my brain before I go to sleep and I just love reading but never take enough time to do it.
  • Use my stuff. Buying new things is great, but using your things is so much better! I have a lot of paper, pens, washi, stickers, embossing powders, stamps, yarn etc. So my goal, for now, is to use my stuff. I am getting some crafty bits for my birthday next month but they are high-quality things that I can really use and love. But no Etsy or Aliexpress purchases for me anytime soon, which is hard for me. But I want to appreciate my things more and save money to purchase a Silhouette Cameo next year.
  • Crochet at least 5 days a week. I am finishing a blanket at the moment but have a lot of projects to work on next. It helps me relax and forces me to rest enough during the day.
  • Journal my heart out. I have been journaling for a long time but the last 4 months I have really discovered my love for daily journaling. I really like to take about 30 minutes a day to write about my life, thoughts and feelings.
  • Self-care is a priority! I am learning to take care of me and listen to my body. I never realised how hard that is when you’ve ignored that for most of your life. So I am slowly learning what it takes, I do not have a set plan for it but I will figure it out and try my best.

Tuesday afternoon

It’s a dreary Tuesday afternoon, in the room next to me I can hear my boyfriend coughing and I hear kids playing outside. Normally my boyfriend wouldn’t be home at this time, but he threw his back out and has been in bed for the last couple of days. Today is my day off, yesterday I went to the rehabilitation centre and tomorrow I will be going as well. But instead of relaxing to recover in between my appointments I am busy cleaning the house, taking care of my boyfriend, walking the dogs and preparing for the holidays. I kind of feel like I have the automatic pilot switch turned on. So I am taking a moment for myself, to gather my thoughts and relax for just a couple of minutes.

The past weekend I had 3 friends stay at my house, for an official-grown-up-sleepover. That might not be a thing for most people, but I love having sleepovers at my house. We all sleep in my living room with loads of blankets, pillows, candy, movies and lots of giggles. This time I had to sleep upstairs in my bedroom as my back hurt too much but I am actually having a couple more sleepovers this month and am actually starting 2018 with a sleepover in my living room. This past year I have really learned the importance of friendships and made some amazing new friends. I haven’t been able to invest as much into some friends as I would have wanted due to all my medical issues this past year, so I love that they supported me all throughout this year and am looking forward to more quality time in 2018.
So as I just said I had 3 friends with me this weekend, we cooked an amazing dinner and dessert, watched tons of weird YouTube video’s, laughed until our bellies hurt and crafted for a couple of hours. I thought of some great free insert ideas because of them so keep your eye out for them. And they surprised me with an amazing gift, an A6 Hobonichi planner for 2018 in the limited Steiff edition. It made me cry and I will be forever grateful!

After my last therapy sessions before the holidays, I want to start preparing for the new year. I still need to think of some goals for 2018, I am thinking of having quarterly or monthly goals next year. I need to fill in my new planner, prepare my new journal insert and prepare my New Year’s Eve party (it is a tiny party for 3 women, 3 dogs and 2 cats) which will mostly include pyjamas, snacks, a cheeseburger pie, craft supplies and gifts. The year 2017 wasn’t my best year ever but the month December has been amazing so far and will be even more fun in the last days of the year.
My Christmas is going to be extremely laid back this year, no fancy meals or clothing. Just nice food, comfy clothing and people I love. And to be honest, I kind of love it like that.

Ok my self-care-moment is over now, I need to start preparing dinner and quickly tidy my craftroom. I am hoping to be back with a full on 2017 recap soon, I love those kind of blogposts!


Pocket Filofax or other ringbound planner printables

Pocket Filofax or other ringbound planner printables

I decided to add another category of printables to my freebie section; pocket Filofax inserts. I hope you’ll enjoy them, let me know if you have any other requests in this size.

Diary of a journaling girl #4

Diary of a journaling girl #4

I started this blog back in the summer and had so many great ideas and plans. But sometimes life just gets in the way! I spend a couple of months in bed after my accident and now I am cooped up in the rehabilitation center I have been going to. And it has been tough! Whenever people ask me how I am doing I reply with “honestly, I am not doing great”. I am doing with pretending to be fine when I am not, it is time people start answering that question honestly! So I explain to people what I have been up to and how hard it is, and I have been having some great conversations with people because of it. Because when you open up, you make room for the other person to open up as well. That doesn’t always happen, which is fine, but when it does you really connect with the other person.

I go to the rehabilitation center twice a week, for a couple of hours a time. Which doesn’t sound like a whole lot but it takes up all my time and energy at home. There is so much to learn, process, try out and think about. After most appointments I crash and spend a lot of time in bed or on the couch. I have been having extreme headaches, chest pains, am extremely tired and suffer from memory loss. Who knew those were side effects from a chronic pain disorder?! But apparently it is common and I just have to sit it out and listen to my body. Which I suck at, or so I’ve been told. So besides occupational therapy, physical therapy, and talking to a psychologist I also signed up for heart coherence training which should help me listen to my body in a better way.  I had a bit of an incident two weeks ago with an intern which really threw me off, but I am really proud to say I stood up for myself and told my therapists how I felt about it and why I reacted to strongly. Today I had a good talk about it and apologies were made. I am not very good at standing up for myself so this was a big deal for me. I now feel like I can truly focus on working on myself again, which is a good thing.

So my life is on hold, or so it feels like. I do not have a lot of time to spend with my friends, work on hobbies (like my blog), clean my house or walk my dogs. I do however watch a lot of shows and movies on Netflix, sleep a ton, burn too many candles, eat chocolate and stare at my craft room.  I have also been decluttering again, even though there was not a lot to get rid of this time around. I have been decluttering for 2 years now and have really downsized my belongings. I will never be able to call myself a minimalist but I am fine with that, I like stuff. I just want it all to be used and loved, everything else can go. Or as my boyfriend like to do, move it all to the attic. He has next week off work and I am forcing him to clean up the attic with me and get rid of a lot of stuff he has been holding on to for years without use.

I am hoping to have more time for my blog and other hobbies soon, after the crappy 2017 I have had I am determined to make 2018 the best year ever! And this blog is part of that plan, so keep an eye out for a lot more content! But right now I am going to take a shower and go to bed, it is only 7.30 but I am exhausted and just need to sleep.


Starbucks review insert

Starbucks review insert

I love going to Starbucks and trying out different drinks, but I sometimes forget which ones I tried and more important, which I loved and didn’t. I had to read old journals last week to try and figure out which Christmas special I tried last year and if I liked it or not. I decided there had to be an easier way. So I designed an insert to review Starbucks drinks because I can’t be the only person struggling with this.

You simply write down the name of the drink, the date you tried it, if it was a special and if so for what occasion, if you made any adjustments and your rating. At the bottom, there is room for extra notes.

I have made it in 4 different sizes, if you would like this insert in another size, leave a comment and I will make it for you!